Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to release a new wine together

With their partner, Marc Perrin, they are preparing to release a new rose champagne.

According to a dependable source who spoke to People magazine, the project "has been in development for three or four years. Miraval is all about the art of making ros? and this champagne, which is made in the Champagne district, is a cooperation, combining Provencal knowledge with champagne making."

Pitt and Jolie released their last wine together in May 2019 through Miraval.
According to People, sources close to the former couple affirmed that they view the business as "an investment for their children".

While speaking to Wine Spectator, Perrin opened up on details about the new wine.

"We are working very hard with (one of the leading champagne producers) Rodolphe P?ters," Perrin spoke about the new rose champagne, adding that they "will create the only Champagne house which only makes rose.
We are going to try to push the quality of rose as far as possible in Champagne."

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