What would happen to the earth if a large hole was drilled through the center? Must read

Hello ladies & gentlemen, In today's time, different types are questions are raised in the minds of people studying science about how much deep holes can be pierced in the earth.

Let us tell you that according to geologists, the center of our earth is 6371 km deep & if we can dig any crater to such depth, it will take us 1 hour 45 minutes to reach the center of the earth from the top surface of the earth. The layer at the top of the earth is 70 km deep. After this, comes the second layer.

In this present day modern technology is not yet so advanced that we can reach such depth. But this cannot be considered as impossible. Let us tell you that according to scientists, if you want to pierce across the earth, then the distance of 12742 km will have to be fixed, which is almost impossible in today's time.

The deepest fabric on earth was dug in Russia in the year of 1989. The depth of which was 12262 meters. You will be surprised to know that the temperature reached 180 degrees at that depth, due to which the fabrication of this fabrication was stopped. Recently an oil well was dug in Russia with a depth of 12376 meters.

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