You don't know these 5 secrets of Roman Reigns life, Number 1 is Shocking

Today Roman Reigns is one of the biggest wrestler of WWE Universe. A lot of people say that he is the next John Cena and Roman is also popular just like John Cena. Today we are going to tell you about 5 secrets of Roman's life.

Before joining WWE Roman was a amazing soccer player and the played for Georgia team.

Roman's physique is awesome but his favourite wrestler is Brett Hart while his favourite superhero is Ironman.

It was Tripple H who asked Roman to make a team then Roman decided to build "The Shield" which is known as best tag team ever.

Roman Reigns is from Anoa'i family. Many great wrestlers come of this family branch like The Usos, The Rock, Nia Jax and Rikishi.

In Royal Rumble of 2014 Roman eliminated 12 wrestlers from the ring which is heighest ever by a wrestler

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