Madhya Pradesh Veiled swagat of barat with sanitizers no band baja or gala pomp and glitz

Madhya Pradesh Veiled swagat of barat with sanitizers no band baja or gala pomp and glitz

One such unique wedding was held at Palsoda in the Ratlam valley, where the groom and his family were welcomed with a sanitizer instead of a dress and farewell by the bride's family, and all the guests had masks with faces until the ceremony was completed.

The village located 10 km away from the district headquarters and its total population received less than 3,400 less than 700 families living there.

The wedding ceremony is now being talked about by a city with many families who now decide to follow this practice to ensure family safety.

The town is known for farmers and their ability to spend money on weddings and other social gatherings. Prior to the epidemic, they often showed their influential status by choosing different ways of adopting the Barat and Baraties. But now, they are more concerned about keeping COVID-19 out of town.

According to details, Princess Panchal, a bride from the village of Palsoda was to marry Ashok Panchal, a Suneda resident in Ujjain district on May 24.

Keeping track of road closures abolishing all transport functions, the relatives wanted the marriage postponed, but the couple was left stunned. Finally, the groom arrived at the girl's home accompanied by seven members of her family and guests to make the wedding even more memorable.

Groom and his family say wedding guests are surprised when they are given angry presents and masks.

My mother-in-law's grandmother Taradevi Panchal, who works for the Anganwadi in the village, hosted the entire event and said that she works as a Corona hero in the village and raised awareness about the virus and safety measures to be taken by the locals.

He has also indicated that he wants to effectively spread the message of using a sanitizser and mask to prevent infection.

He said the whole district had seen the barat reach on foot without a band baja and was welcome on the road by spraying bullets.

All the glamor and spectacle were completely absent from the wedding in contrast to the usual big fat Indian wedding that included stunning arrangements, various dishes and a large number of guests.
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