Royal Enfield Bullet 350 BS6

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 BS6

Royal Enfield made the world's oldest car intelligence by launching the Bullet 350 BS6. And the most compatible bike is BS6. The bike is available in two variants and seven colors in total, which can leave you a little confused. We define nuances:

The basic version of the BS6 motorcycle is simply called the Royal Enfield Bullet 350. It is available in Black, Forest Green, Bullet Silver and Onyx Black. The powerful planet and wheels of the Black and Forest variants come with a metallic finish. The fenders and side panels are all colored. Royal Enfield has incorporated these color variants with a Royal Enfield 3D chromed-out badge into a petrol tank surrounded by hand-painted lines of authentic paint. These color variants are priced at Rs 1,27,750 (ex-showroom Delhi). Interestingly, the color of the Great Green was donated to the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 BS4. Now, Royal Enfield is offering this paint scheme in the 350cc version as the 500cc motorcycle is no longer for sale. For those who are wondering, this shade is legal-legal. These two types of colors are ideal for those who love the old-school look.

On the other hand, Bullet Silver and Onyx Black are the cheapest color variants in the Bullet 350 BS6 range. Prices are Rs 1,21,583 (ex-showroom Delhi). As a result, these types of colors show a darker relation to the side panels. Only the petrol tank has colored codes here. The metals are finished in black and the fat engines get a black finish. However, the engine casing, head, and exhaust system do away with the metal. The gas tank features a simple Royal Enfield adhesive instead of a neat 3D logo, helping to keep costs in check. These two types of colors are ideal for those looking to get into the Royal Enfield lifestyle under a tight budget.

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 BS6 ES in various colors:
While the standard version does not have a Starter motor, this version, as the name suggests, gets one. It also gets slightly different color schemes: Regal Red, Royal Blue and Jet Black. All types of colors are priced at Rs 1,37,194 (ex-showroom Delhi). This variant gets a brand new fuel tank with the new logo by Royal Enfield. All other body panels including all dimensions are black. For a sophisticated look, the Powertrain is completely dull in black matte but the exhaust system finds a metallic finish to the contrary. The instruments mentioned are also getting black treatment.

We liked it when the power plan was complete and they were getting all black treatments. Either way, it's our own unique choice of Regal Red color, but those who have chosen a more subtle look should opt for the Jet Black color model. The Royal Blue color is also a great choice for some from their varied retro vibes.
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