Vedhika Kumar new dance video goes viral on the internet

Vedhika Kumar new dance video goes viral on the internet

Madrasi anti-war king Arjun. Vedhika has gone on to make a mark in Telugu as well as Malayalam with movies like Vijayadasami, Baanam, Daggaraga Dooramga, Emperor, Shingaravelan, Cousins, James & Alice, welcome to Central Jail, and Tarangam.

The 32-year-old actor has also starred in many Tamil films such as Kaalai, Muni, Kalai, Sakkarakatti, Malai Malai and Kaaviya Thalaivan. She made her dance in Hindi films last year with the movie The Body, directed by Lady Joseph.

At the time, Vedhika was known for his excellent dancing skills and his ability to mimic some of the finest dancers in the Tamil film industry such as Raghava Lawrence and Simbu.

Recently, the actor skipped the mark of 2 million followers on Instagram. In addition to her on-screen appearances, the actress is very active on social media and regularly shares her pictures and splendor. Many of his pictures leave his followers in awe of him. Now, Vedhika has released a new dance video on her Instagram account. It hit the video, "#CornyRema #Dance #ParrisGoebel #ParrisLive #StayHome #India #Corny Haircut by my love #Mom."

Vedhika has won the Edison Award for Best Extension Performance and the Female Techofes Award for Best Actress for her role as Angamman in the 2013 Tamil movie Paradise, directed by Bala. She has also won the Norwegian Tamil Film Film Festival Award for Best Actress for the movie Kaaviya Thalaivan in 2014. Vedhika will also be appearing in Vinodhan (Tamil), Jungle (Telugu) and Home Minister (Kannada).

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