Increasing sexual stamina and performance

Increasing sexual stamina and performance

Sex plays an important role in a relationship, and a better sexual performance helps in maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner. Obviously, the reverse is also true. Decreased sexual stamina results in poor sexual performance. The anxiety about your diminished sexual endurance may propel you to find ways to enhance it so that you can have a satisfying sex life. Anatomical, physiological and psychological factors are responsible for your sexual function and stamina. 

It is necessary to seek advice from a therapist or psychologist regarding the underlying reason for your condition. Once the reason is known, you can follow the doctor's advice and certain lifestyle changes in order to enhance your sexual performance. Self-diagnosis of the condition may be easy, but talking about it with your partner and doctor is important, as this can help you change your status quo. There are different solutions to improve your stamina and sexual performance such as, regular exercise, improving eating habits, medications and herbal remedies. However, one must consult a doctor to choose the best option.

Your sexuality is marked by a complex interplay of anatomical, physiological, psychological, developmental, relational and cultural factors. Your sexual stamina can be roughly defined as the endurance which helps you last through a sexual intercourse. A high endurance level during sexual activity is important for having a better sexual performance. However, having better sexual stamina is not the only requisite for a satisfactory sexual performance. There are a number of other factors which get you going in bed and give you sexual pleasure. Sexual performance differs in every individual, and a number of factors determine it. The human sexual response cycle is a series of several stages such as excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution; however, the duration of each stage will be different in every person. The vigour maintained throughout these stages will depend on your sexual stamina, which in turn, will give you sexual satisfaction.

Causes of a low sexual stamina and performance
If you have a low sex drive or decreased sexual endurance, then it is understandably a matter of concern for you. Experiencing sexual satisfaction can be related to increased self-esteem. Discussing your fears and concerns about your poor sexual performance with your partner or a doctor may not seem easy at the first instance, but it is important to break the silence. There are a number of factors which affect sexual stamina and performance. These are discussed below. 
  • Age 
    You may desire to have the same sexual satisfaction you had at a younger age, but ageing brings many physiological changes in your body and these changes can lower your sexual performance.
    • Women 
      Pregnancy, childbirth and menopause are major milestones in a woman’s life. These conditions bring along changes in the sex organs and fluctuations in the hormonal levels. There may be changes in the vaginal tone and breast size, and these, in turn, can affect your sexual performance.
    • Men 
      Almost 15-20% of men above the age of 65 years are unable to sustain a  hard on throughout the intercourse. Ageing adversely affects sexual activity.
  • Medical conditions 
    Disease conditions can be chronic or temporary. As we age, the chances of developing age-related disorders increase. The diseases mentioned below can adversely affect your sexual health.
    • Certain inflammatory diseases like arthritis are disabling and painful and can hinder your sexual performance.
    • Autoimmune disorders like Sjogren’s syndrome can lead to dryness of the vagina, making intercourse painful.
    • Heart diseaseshypertension and conditions like stroke (which can lead to paralysis) can prevent you from exerting yourself and thus affect your performance in bed.
    • Loss of bladder control and leakage of urine are common problems after surgery of prostate gland in men, and this can make you avoid sex.
    • Diabetes can induce vascular changes and affect blood flow to the penis, resulting in erectile dysfunction in men. This definitely affects your performance.
  • Medication 
    Being on medication for a medical condition can temporarily or, in some cases, permanently cause a loss of libido. It is necessary to check with your doctor regarding the side effects of medications before starting on them, especially medications like tranquillisers and antidepressants. Certain blood pressure lowering medications too can affect the libido in men and should be discussed with the doctor in case you find any changes after beginning to take them. 
  • Alcohol  
    Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to loss of erection and delayed orgasm. Thought to be a stimulant, alcohol depresses the nerve functioning and erectile function in men.
  • Emotions 
    Emotional factors play an important part in your sex life. As the famous saying goes, ‘sex is emotion in motion’. Stress and anxiety are factors that can negatively impact your sexual drive and libido. Marital and relationship problems can lead to stress. Under stressful conditions, the body releases cortisol that leads to decreased stamina. Such psychological conditions can affect the sex life of both men and women adversely.
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco 
    Nicotine reduces erectile response due to changes in blood circulation, resulting in a shorter duration of erections and reduced sexual endurance. If you smoke or chew tobacco, your sexual performance can be adversely affected. 
  • Being overweight 
    Excess body fat can affect testosterone levels in men, and you may experience a sudden decline in testosterone levels which can affect your muscular strength, thus compromising your stamina. Sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise are significant factors that contribute to weight gain.
  • Sleep deprivation 
    A good night’s sleep is an indicator of good health. Sleep deprivation can be linked with reduced production of testosterone hormone in men. If you sleep only for less than 5 hours per night, you may have lower levels of testosterone.
  • Food intake 
    If your diet lacks vitamin-rich and protein-rich foods, then the deficiency of these vital nutrients can affect your hormonal balance, and in turn, your sexual performance.

Certain persistent and recurrent problems during sexual activity are signs of having decreased sexual stamina. Problems associated with sexual performance can also be put under a broad heading of sexual dysfunction. Both the genders can show these signs. Let’s have a look at the common indicators of this problem. 
Signs in men
  • Low sex drive 
    Lack of willingness to have sex can be due to the fear of low sexual stamina.
  • Inability to maintain an erection 
    If you experience erections for shorter periods than you normally have, this can indicate lesser stamina during sex and result in poor sexual performance.
  • Retarded ejaculation 
    It might happen that you are completely sexually aroused; however, the ejaculation may be delayed or not happen at all.
  • Premature ejaculation 
    You are unable to control the timing of ejaculation; it happens prematurely.
  • Weakness 
    Weakness or a lack of energy during sex may hinder the continuation of the sexual act to completion.
Signs in women
  • Difficulty in achieving orgasm 
    Despite proper arousal, it is difficult to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse.
  • Low sex drive 
    Due to lower desire to have sex, you tend to avoid such situations.
  • Difficulty in arousal 
    Your sexual desire might be the same as before, but you are not able to get aroused from the stimulation.
  • Vaginal dryness 
    Having a dry vagina can make sex painful and unpleasant, thus affecting your performance.
  • Inability to concentrate 
    Anxiety and worries can take your mind off sex. As you are unable to concentrate, your sexual performance is affected.
  • Vaginismus 
    A condition where you might experience muscle contractions or spasms in the vagina, which can make having sex or even a vaginal examination extremely painful or impossible. 

It is necessary that you understand your sexual performance well. Sometimes decreased sexual stamina and performance do not occur as the main condition; there can be several underlying conditions that lead to such symptoms. You are the best judge of your body and its responses. Altered sexual responses with weakness or loss of interest in sex are strong indicators of decreased stamina. You should feel free to consult your doctor and discuss the problems you are facing in your sex life. 
The doctor may use the following steps to diagnose this problem further:
  • Medical history 
    It is necessary to talk to the doctor regarding the problems in your sex life. A detailed medical history will help in diagnosing the problem. Standardised questionnaires and surveys can further help in diagnosis.
  • Pelvic examination 
    Decreased skin elasticity, pain and changes in the pelvic area of your body may be detected.
  • Blood tests 
    Your doctor may suggest certain blood tests to find the exact cause. Conditions like thyroid or pituitary gland disorders can actually affect sexual performance and libido and might be easily correctable with timely detection.
  • Ultrasound examination 
    Ultrasound may be advised in some cases, especially to diagnose circulatory problems.

When you start worrying about your sexual stamina, it is natural to wonder whether the condition is treatable. Anxiety and stress can take you to the Internet which offers you a plethora of products and suggests different ways to enhance your sexual performance. Back in 1998, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved a drug called sildenafil citrate for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, and since then sildenafil (commonly known as Viagra) has skyrocketed in popularity and has been widely used to increase sexual performance. You may have come across displays or advertisements of a range of products at bus stands and railway stations promising you positive results. Beware of all such products, as there is no scientific evidence to back their claims. The real question here is, what are the available options and how reliable are they? The following are various options available to increase sexual stamina and performance: 
  1. Exercise to boost sexual stamina and performance
  2. Healthy food to improve sexual stamina and performance
  3. Counselling helps in improving sexual performance
  4. Partner's support is important in treating low sexual stamina and performance
  5. Release stress to improve sexual performance
  6. Treat the underlying medical conditions to enhance sexual stamina
  7. Medicines can improve sexual stamina
  8. Other methods to increase sexual stamina and performance

Exercise to boost sexual stamina and performance

Regular exercise is the key to physical fitness. Cardiovascular exercises can help you control your heart rate and increase your stamina during sex. Swimming and running can do wonders in increasing libido. Exercising regularly also helps in releasing stress.

Healthy food to improve sexual stamina and performance

Watch what you eat! A balanced diet with adequate intake of proteins, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids can increase sexual endurance. Some of these foods include beetrootbananaspomegranate, spinach, nuts, watermelon, oats, gingergarlic, wild salmon, and tuna fish among others.

Counselling helps in improving sexual performance

Consider attending counselling sessions with a sex therapist or a psychological counsellor. Counselling can help in clearing the mental turmoil and anxiety related to sexual matters. It also helps in recognising other possible causes of your condition.

Partner's support is important in treating low sexual stamina and performance

A healthy communication with your partner that focuses on addressing each other’s needs can help you have a healthy relationship. Such issues outside the bedroom will no longer affect your sex life once you talk about them freely with your partner. It will not only help in understanding each other but also strengthen your bond.

Release stress to improve sexual performance

Anxiety and stress can lead to lack of concentration and reduced sexual desire. It is necessary to manage stress to have a healthy mind. A peaceful and calm mind will strengthen your emotional relationship with your partner.

Treat the underlying medical conditions to enhance sexual stamina

Regular check-ups and medication can help you manage chronic medical conditions like diabetes and hypertension and help you improve your sexual performance. Chronic diseases also have a huge impact on a person's state of mind. Untreated conditions deteriorate one's personal, social and sex life.

Medicines can improve sexual stamina

In some conditions, the performance is affected due to hormonal fluctuations. This can be taken care of by taking proper medication prescribed by a well-qualified doctor after running a few blood tests.

Other methods to increase sexual stamina and performance

  • Herbal remedies 
    Some research work has been done to explore the potential of natural ingredients in increasing sexual performance. In India, according to Ayurveda, many indigenous herbs enhance sexual desire, ejaculation, sperm count and the overall quality of sex life. Although you may find many such herbal products advertised on the Internet, it is better to seek the medical advice of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. Many herbal preparations of ginseng and ashwagandha are widely used for the improvement of sex life.
  • Kick out bad habits 
    Quit smoking, as it leads to circulatory disorders and increased blood pressure. Heavy consumption of alcohol can gravely affect sexual performance. So, focus more on exercise and meditation, and kick out the bad habits.

  • Focus on foreplay 
    Foreplay can boost your sexual activity. Although for men, penetration is the more defining part of the sexual act, indulging in foreplay can be really helpful.
  • Start-stop technique 
    You can try this technique to hold the erection for a longer time and avoid premature ejaculation. In this technique, you control ejaculation and stop right before you are about to climax. Doing this repeatedly will help you last longer.
  • Make the environment intimate 
    Try something new to have more passion during sex, instead of doing the same activities every time. It could be discussing a fantasy or trying a new position.

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