11 Foods You Didn’t Know Are Harming Your Teeth

... Summary: 1. Tea You may have heard about the negative effects coffee has on your teeth. But tea may also be to blame for your poor dental records. 2. Popcorn Your next trip to the movies just won’t be the same after this. Popcorn can have serious effects on your smile. 3. Bread “First you ruin tea. Then you hit popcorn. Just do me a favour and stay away from sandwiches, will ya’?” You can still eat sandwiches, guys. Just be cautious, that’s all. 4. Dried Fruit I’m not trying to nitpick, believe me. Dried fruits would seem like a healthy choice for anyone. But the effects they have on your teeth will make you stop and rethink this. 5. Tomatoes Now I know we said to settle for fresh fruits. Just be cautious about the amount you consume. Tomatoes are highly acidic. These include citric, malic, ascorbic acids. Citric acid is mainly used as a preservative due to its ability to kill bacteria. 6. Canned Fruits I know, it seems like the amount of fruits you can actually eat is narrowing by the second. Adults are suggested eating 2 servings of fruit every day. Yes, canned fruit included. 7. Oranges Oh the fruit train just keeps on rolling! Remember citric acid from a moment ago? Oranges are one of the prime examples of citric fruits, with up to 1% of their weight comprising of citric acid. 8. Chips We certainly took a sharp left from fruit, don’t you think? When you think of junk food that hurts your teeth, the first thing that normally comes to mind is sugary candy. .

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