6 Causes Your Vagina Feels Sore After Intercourse and What to Do About It

With regards to bodily pains, having a sore vagina ranks proper up there with having your knowledge enamel pulled. OK, perhaps not, nevertheless it’s actually uncomfortable. And opposite to what you would possibly consider, intercourse is not speculated to be painful (and by the way in which, we’re not speaking about consensual ache throughout intercourse—we imply the sort of intercourse that hurts once you don’t need it to). Whereas many individuals take pleasure in tough intercourse that causes some stage of discomfort, beneath most circumstances your vagina shouldn’t damage after intercourse—or throughout. So if an intense romp has you waddling (let's be actual, that is the correct and very unsexy strategy to describe it), it's best to in all probability have a dialog along with your associate or your gynecologist (or each, TBH).
In the event you take nothing else away from this text, bear in mind this: If intercourse is hurting you, speak to your gynecologist. Work along with your physician to seek out out why, as a result of intercourse ought to really feel comfy, pleasurable, and pain-free. (Do not pressure your self to place up with something much less!) This text is a superb start line that may show you how to perceive what could be happening, nevertheless it ought to by no means change an trustworthy dialog with a specialist.

1. There wasn't sufficient lubrication.

One of the crucial widespread causes of pain during or after intercourse that may result in a sore vagina is insufficient lubrication. (Take notes, as a result of this one's gonna come up a few instances.) Everybody produces completely different quantities of pure lubrication, and there are many the explanation why—age, contraception, and a few medicines, simply to name a few.
When your vagina is not correctly lubricated throughout intercourse, the friction may cause tiny tears in your pores and skin. These tears could make you extra vulnerable to an infection, they usually may make your vagina damage after intercourse.
The best way to really feel higher now: Idries Abdur-Rahman, M.D., ob/gyn at Vista Doctor Group, recommends placing a bit of lube in your vagina—even after intercourse. He likens it to placing lotion in your pores and skin when it is feeling notably dry; it is not too late to moisturize your pores and skin, and it might probably even have a soothing impact. That stated, you will need to avoid any lubricant with alcohol in it. Test the components fastidiously to ensure your makes an attempt to appease will not find yourself stinging the tears in your pores and skin.
The best way to stop ache sooner or later: For starters, be sure to're taking sufficient time for foreplay and utilizing ample quantities of lube. These are simple steps to take to provide your vagina an opportunity to provide extra pure lubrication—and to complement that pure lubricant as you see match. From there, you will need to speak to your gynecologist about what is going on on. As I stated, there are many causes you won't be producing quite a lot of pure lubrication, and your gynecologist can assist you determine what your choices are.

2. You associate is severely well-endowed.
In case your associate's penis, hand, or the dildo they're utilizing is kind of massive, it'd really be hitting your cervix throughout penetration, Abdur-Rahman says. Evidently, that does not really feel nice. In response to Abdur-Rahman, this ache would possibly really feel like menstrual cramps.

The best way to really feel higher now: Abdur-Rahman says your greatest guess is a warm bath, heating pad, or over-the-counter ache reliever (like Motrin or Ibuprofen). All of this stuff have anti-inflammatory results, which may relieve a number of the ache. Along with that, simply give it time. It should not take too lengthy for the ache to subside, and if it would not, speak to your physician.

The best way to stop ache sooner or later: Foreplay is a superb first step. In response to Abdur-Rahman, the vagina expands (turning into bigger, longer, and wider) throughout foreplay, which permits for deeper, extra comfy penetration. Foreplay additionally will increase lubrication, which can make penetration a bit of simpler. Including lube as wanted will even assist.

From there, try to be considerate about your positioning. Abdur-Rahman says any place that places the vagina proprietor in command of the penetration is a protected guess. Suppose: you on prime. Keep away from positions that maximize penetration—like doggy fashion or something the place the vagina proprietor's legs are within the air. These positions usually tend to result in a sore vagina.
Lastly, take your time. Be gradual and mild, and talk along with your associate about any discomfort you expertise. And when you're utilizing a dildo, contemplate sizing down.

3. The intercourse you had was tremendous tough or quick.

Friction will be nice! It typically is! However an excessive amount of friction can positively make your vagina damage after intercourse, principally seemingly as a result of there wasn’t sufficient lubrication.

The best way to really feel higher now: In case your vulva (or the opening to your vagina) actually hurts or is swollen after intercourse, Abdur-Rahman says you possibly can attempt placing an ice dice or two in a thick washcloth or in a plastic bag and resting that on the surface of your underwear for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not put the ice inside your vagina—that can solely irritate it extra. Once more, give it time, and speak to your physician when you nonetheless have a sore vagina after just a few days.
The best way to stop ache sooner or later: Take no matter steps you possibly can to make sure satisfactory lubrication. Foreplay is an effective way to provide the vagina time to heat up, and lube helps too. It is also essential to take issues gradualno less than at first. Begin gently and slowly, after which transition into rougher, quicker intercourse (assuming that is what you are into).

4. You are delicate to latex.

Some individuals are allergic (or delicate) to latex. In the event you're one in every of these individuals and you have been utilizing latex condoms, you would possibly find yourself irritating your vagina, Miriam Greene, M.D., ob/gyn at NYU Langone Well being, tells SELF.
The best way to really feel higher now: Inserting an ice pack outdoors your underwear to appease your vulva for 10 to 15 minutes is your greatest guess, in addition to giving it time.

The best way to stop ache sooner or later: Discuss to your gynecologist to substantiate your suspicion that you just're allergic or delicate to latex (and that there is not one thing else happening). If you're, keep away from latex condoms sooner or later. That does not imply giving up on condoms altogether—there are many alternate options, like polyurethane condoms, that you could nonetheless use to prevent disease and being pregnant.

Fast notice: Although polyurethane condoms are non-latex and assist stop each illness and being pregnant, they've increased slippage and breakage charges than latex condoms, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The feminine condom can be latex-free, nevertheless it's barely much less efficient at stopping being pregnant than latex condoms. You may work along with your gynecologist to seek out one thing that works for each you and your associate.

5. You've gotten an an infection.

In the event you're experiencing discomfort that goes past slight soreness—like itching, burning, or irregular discharge—you may need an an infection. It could possibly be a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, an STI, or one thing else fully, and the very best plan of action is speaking to your gynecologist.

The best way to really feel higher now: Do not self-diagnose or self-treat; go to the physician, Abdur-Rahman says. Relying on the an infection, you would possibly want prescription remedy. So the earlier you can also make it into your gynecologist's workplace, the higher.
The best way to stop it sooner or later: Preventive strategies are going to differ lots relying on the sort of an infection, and you'll speak to your gynecologist to get their particular recommendation on what steps you possibly can take sooner or later. That stated, there are just a few good guidelines of thumb. For one factor, use a condom. As you already know, condoms can assist shield you from STIs. A second tip: Pee after sex to lower your danger of getting a UTI. And at last, keep away from douching. Douches can disrupt your vaginal pH steadiness, which may make you extra vulnerable to an infection, based on Abdur-Rahman. And in case your vagina is basically sore, attempt placing a chilly washcloth in your vulva for a bit if that is soothing.

6. You've gotten a medical situation.

In the event you're incessantly in ache throughout or after intercourse, you'll have a medical situation resembling:
  • Endometriosis: This occurs when your uterine lining grows outdoors your uterus as a substitute of inside it, based on the Mayo Clinic. Normally, it's going to develop in your ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the tissue lining your pelvis (and in uncommon instances, it might probably unfold past the pelvic space to your stomach or lungs).
  • Uterine fibroids: These are benign (not cancerous) growths that develop in and on the uterus, based on the American College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians (ACOG).
  • Vulvodynia: That is persistent vaginal ache that doesn’t have a transparent trigger and lasts for no less than three months, based on the Mayo Clinic. Though many individuals don’t speak about it, vulvodynia is definitely fairly widespread. Along with a sore vagina, signs embody burning, stinging, rawness, and painful intercourse. The ache could be fixed or occasional, and chances are you'll solely really feel it when the realm is touched—aka, after intercourse.
  • Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID): This occurs when sexually transmitted micro organism unfold out of your vagina to different reproductive organs (together with your uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries) and trigger an an infection, based on the Mayo Clinic.
  • Vaginismus: That is when your vaginal muscle groups squeeze or spasm involuntarily, making penetration (whether or not it’s out of your associate or a tampon) painful, per the Mayo Clinic.
Painful intercourse may be an indication of a retroverted uterus, cystitis (normally a UTI), irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, or ovarian cysts, based on the Mayo Clinic.
The best way to really feel higher now: Schedule an appointment along with your gynecologist.
The best way to stop it sooner or later: Discuss to your gynecologist about what precisely your ache appears like and get their recommendation for one of the simplest ways to minimize pain during intercourse. Relying in your situation, some positions could also be extra comfy than others, and your care supplier can assist you determine what works greatest for you.
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