7 Minute Standing Abs Workout For Women Over 50 Low Impact

7 Minute Standing Abs Workout For Women Over 50 Low Impact

 join me today for an eight minutestanding abs workout Hi I'm digitalcry and welcome to digitalcry.com this workout is perfect for you if youwant to burn that belly fat tighten the whole core area and getstrong and the whole workout is standing up butit's really really effective i've just done itit's going to challenge you yes but it's very very doablea big hello to all of my fabulous subscribersyou are amazing and if you're new to fabulous 50sclick subscribe and ring that bell for more videoscreated for women over 50.

 okay i'm excited let's get startedlet's start by moving those legs we're going to do 15 seconds of walkingfollowed by 45 seconds of ab exercises let all of your worries go for the next10 minutes and focus on your body and your healthand your strength next up we've got a side twist use yourstable core to do the twisting and not your armsand for each move today we're going to draw our belly button in towards ourspine and hold our abdominal muscles in verytight as we breathe next up place your hands on your hipsand bend your body tilting at the hips with a straight backand circle from left to right tighten all of those muscles in yourcore and squeeze your glutes stop now and change direction keep goingyou're doing such a great job next up we're going to do high kneeraises and as you raise your knees focus on those abdominal muscles and letthem do all of the hard work and yes it is hard work to stay strongand

fit and healthy as we're getting older but it's so worthit and it's so satisfying and it makes youso proud so keep going you are amazing next up we're going to do oblique twistsand as we jump around we're going to be burning caloriesand we're going to focus in on those side abs the obliquesso that'll give us a nice trim waistline turning and strengthening our abs inthis kind of a workout is beneficial for our entire bodybecause the core is central to how we function and all ofour body movements in every single direction originate in thecore so the effort you're putting in now ishelping you in more ways than you can imagine next up we're going to take our arms outwide and take our knee across our body squeeze your abs andyour glutes as you raise your leg and keep your arms out wide withoutdropping them as you move your body think about threethings that make

 you unique what are they what is it thatyou do really well what is it that you like about yourselfand how do you add value to those around youthink about those things now and think about them often great job it's starting to get hot nextup we're going to do side crunches and we're going to bringour elbow down and our knee up bending at the waist these are so goodfor whittling down that waist and giving us definitionand use the modified option on the left if that's a challenge for youboth exercises are really effective i know you can feel that next up we'regoing to do the other side remember choose the modified version ifthat suits you better this is a challenging exercise as wemove our body let's go back to your unique gift haveyou used that gift lately have you nurtured that gift and have youshared it with anybody if the answer's no share it withsomebody today and if the answer's yes

celebrateyourself because you're making the world a better place you're going to love looking at thatclock this is our last exercise we're nearly donenext up we're just going to take our arms over to the side of our bodytaking a deep stretch into those side absit's great to want to lose weight and burn belly fat we're doing thatbut the goal here is to get strong and to feel goodand those two things combined are going to give us the bestresults engaging with your body creating with your mind is going to equalpassion for life don't you love that you can make that happenkeep going we've only got 23 seconds to go you are amazing well done that's absdone for today if you enjoyed that please give it athumbs up and let me know in the comments below if you felt the burnif you'd like to continue working out check this video out next it'llcomplement what you've just done with your absand if you're finished exercising make sure that you do a stretch video fromthis playlist next thank you so much for working outwith me today and i'll see you tomorrow 
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