Apple Watch Series 6 Hands On

Apple Watch Series 6 Hands On

This week, Apple announced this thing. It is the Apple Watch Series 6, and I've only had it fora little less than a day. So I'm just going to do aquick hands-on talk about some of the highlights of this new device. So the first thing to say is, "Holy, wow, this is a red, red watch." Apple has added some newcolor choices this year. So there's the usualgray, silver, and gold, but now there is blue and red. You can also get it in the usualaluminum steel or titanium. The lower end ones haveIon-X glass on the front. The higher-end ones haveSapphire crystal and titanium. 

Okay, so other than it beingthis really red, red color, it is identical to theSeries 5 Apple Watch that I currently use. Same body, same size screen, but there are some subtle differences. So the first differenceit's actually not so subtle. The screen brightness, this new Series 6 is 2.5 times brighter than the Series 5. So that's really nice, but it is not actually thepremier feature of the Series 6. That would be its newblood oxygen monitor. So if you look at the sensors on the back, there's way more of them on the Series 6, because it has a blood oxygen monitor. 

It works by shining a light in your arm and reading your blood oxygen. So I can actually showit to you right now. If I can figure out howto manage the strap, which I've never reallygotten the hang of, even though it's been around for years. There are new solo straps that just like stretch over your wrist. But unfortunately, Applehas not sent me one of those that'll come later. Anyway, so to launchthe blood oxygen thing, you open up the blood oxygen app, it also checks it inthe background for you every now and then it alsochecks it while you sleep. 

So you can see that report, but you're supposed torest your hand on a desk and not talk. And so I will hit thebutton here and you can look at the very pretty animation. (bright instrumental music) And it was an unsuccessful measurement because you know, why wouldn't it be? Let's try it again. (bright instrumental music continues) 95% blood oxygen. Is that good? Is that bad? I think it's good, but here's the thing. This is not a medical device. Apple is not claiming thatit's a medical device. You should not use it as a medical device. 

Your doctor might wantinformation from this thing, but bottom line, this is not like an early COVID detection system. It's not going to help for that. You should not think ofit as a medical device. Apple is doing studies thatcould lead to something, but they're not seeking FDA clearance. It's just if you like data,you can get more data. Some other new featuresto talk about here. You may have noticed thatmy watch faces is the emoji, and they react when I tapon the watch and do stuff, which is kind of fun. There are other newwatch faces in watchOS 7, like the stripe thing here. 

You've got this new thing here. You got this one that'sinspired by an artist actually made by an artist. So those are cool. There are other newfeatures in the Series 6. So in addition to oxygen monitoring, there's an always-on altimeter. So you can see how your altitude is. There's also a U1 chip,same as on the new iPhones. And that is for ultra-wideband stuff. Apple says someday you'llbe able to use it to unlock a car, for example. But I think more likelywhat it's meant for is for the upcoming air tagsthat have been rumored forever, that haven't been announced yet. 

So you may be able tofind your lost backpack with your watch. There is, of course, still an ECG here. So, you know, you cancheck that if you want. One thing that the Series 6does not come with however, is a power adapter. It of course comes with the charger, the cable, and the USB thing that you plug into a USB port or a chargerthat you already have. But for the environment,they are not including the power adapter. And I agree with that decision. It's weird that it comesin the really expensive Hermes models or whatever, but good that they didn't put it in the base one. 

Now, the new processorsystem inside the Series 6 is the S6 System in Package, it's based on the A13 processor. And I don't know, just in aday of playing around with it, it seems fast, but you know what? The Series 5 seemed fasttoo. So that really isn't the main thing. This watch has watchOS 7, which means that it doesthings like sleep tracking. It's going to have a fitness app. They're gonna rebrand workouts to fitness, and it's gonna work with fitness plus, so you can watch exercise videos. That's not coming till later on this year, another feature coming to watchOS 7. 

And I'm really curious to seeif it's really popular or not. It's called Family Setup. It lets you set up thewatch for a kid or a parent or something, even ifthey don't have an iPhone. And so it's part of your family, but it's not tied itselfspecifically to an iPhone. Which basically makes it like one of those kid GPS tracking watches. You can set geofences, youcan set lists of who your kid is actually allowed tospeak to with their watch. You could even set it sothat it will only show certain things when they're at school. So not wasting all oftheir time on the watch, playing around with the emoji, which is a thing that I woulddo if I had a watch in school. 

You can also apparently makeemoji directly on the watch, which is pretty exciting. So I'm gonna play aroundwith that little bit later on when we give you the full review. Basically, every Apple Watchhas had its headline feature. So we'll start with Series 2, it had GPS and then Series 3 had LTE. And also actually itsmain feature was that it was the first really good Apple Watch. Series 4 had a bigger screen, the same size screen as you'vegot here, 44, 42 millimeters. The Series 5 had an always-on screen. And the Series 6 actuallyhas a bunch of little things. So it has a brighter screen. It has a blood oxygen monitor. It has the always-on altimeterand it has the U1 chip. 

Do all those things addup to a must upgrade if you have a relativelyrecent Apple Watch. I kind of think the answeris probably going to be no, but that is a questionfor the full review. So we'll be asking that question and if you've got otherquestions for the full review let me know down in the comments until then I'll be messingaround with different features and playing with a emoji on my watch face because honestly, thisis actually kind of fun. Everybody, thanks for watching in case you think I'm a professional. I just want you to know thisis how I did the top-down iPhone random adapter gaff tape, microphone, stand pole, more random adapters I had in the bag, and then an actual mic stand pole here, just doing my best. 

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