Life is full of surprises. And they’re not always good ones. Oof! Every single time… And until we learn to see the future, These unforeseen twists and turns will continue to read havoc on our lives. SERIOUSLY?? I can’t win here! HELP ME. We’ll show you hacks for all those
unexpectedemergencies. AHHH!! Yeah, 3 o’clock sounds great! What’s going on up there? that better not be what I think it is. Lemme call you back… This can’t be happening. I’m like a walking port-a-potty! I need a hot shower ASAP! Come on towels. We’re in for the scrub of our lives. This’ll all be over soon. Why isn’t the shower working? This can’t be happening! This is just my luck.

Hmph. What’s that? Eva left me a bunch of water? That’s great, But how can I shower with it? Wait a sec, I know what to do! For this hack, pour water into an empty trash bag. Take the bag out And pull it by its handles. Hang it on a hook over the tub. Lastly, stab a little hole in it! Quick! Get under the water! Running water, ladies and gents! Man, did I need that or what? Whew! Ever get lost in a good conversation? Eva, wait! Oops. Don’t tell me. Yep, just sat in wet paint.

Maybe it’s dry now? That would be a big fat NO. Oooh. Hi Kevin! I’m just gonna go over here. Sofia! Help me! Eva, come on. Hey! I have a brilliant idea! Take this! Oh, now we’re talkin’! Wrap the pashmina around your legs. Twist the hanging fabric a couple times. Then bring it around your back. Now it’s a cute skirt! Pretty creative, huh? Woah, that’s adorable! Way to go, girl! Did I just… AHH!! Hey! Over here! You shoulda seen that match! The more Sophia talks about the game, the more heated she gets! Why’s it so hot in here? I’m sweating like a pig! Must be from my workout. Be right back! Ooh! Help me! Oh boy, I’m comin’! Pull my arm! Harder! Come on ladies, pull! One…

more…pull!! Whew! I’m mortified! Sophia, wait! That was so embarrassing. The whole restaurant saw that! Don’t worry, it happens to everybody! I wish I could fix this. Hey! What about this? Huh? Turn around! The antiperspirant will dry your skin! They feel better already! So nice and cool! Now let’s put this to the test. Phew! What a relief! But can it stand another hour of sitting? Only one way to find out! Let’s pay and get outta here. YES! Eva! We forgot to do your legs! Summers are perfect for picnics! The weather’s perfect for it! Well, almost… Get it, Sophia! Come back!! UGHHH It finally stopped! Did you get it back? I ran around the whole park! Oh my god! AHHHH!!! GET IT OFF OF ME!! AHHH!!! SHOO BUG!! It left a rash on me! It stings! All I have is this banana! But that just may help! While it’s best to find an adult, this banana peel will do for now.

Wow! It feels better already! Wow, that worked really well! You’re the best, Eva! It’s back! Watch out! It’s really coming down out there. Woah! Stupid wind! Hey! That’s my only umbrella! Where’d he get that poncho? You thinking what I’m thinking? It’s go time! Start by rolling this baby out. Now open up the bag, and lay it flat on the table. Next, grab some scissors. Cut along the side of the bag. Then down the middle. And in two places here. Next, pull out the square you cut. See these? They’re the most important part. That’s ‘cuz they help shape the hood. Once the straps are tied, you’re ready to face the rain! Let’s get this done, shall we? Try blowing me away now, wind! To the bins! Well that was a successful trip! Got my cereal, And all the other grocery essentials.

Plus a little sweet treat. They taste best with hot tea. Earl Grey never disappoints! Just plop it in with some hot water. And poof! YOU’VE GOT A BURT TONGUE! I need relief! This isn’t working! Water! This has to work. Time for a refill! Is the water on? Sophia? What’s up with your tongue?! Sophia, it’s completely red! Try this! Oh, sweet relief! That’s a pretty good trick! You saved the day, girl. I’d better stick around. Have you ever been in an emergency situationlike these girls? What’s your favorite save-the-day hack? Let us know down in the comments! And while you’re at it, share this videowith your friend’s to save them from their next sticky situation. And, as always, be sure to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube page so you never miss out on helpful tips and tricks like these! Have you watched this video yet? What are you waiting for? Click away! 
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