Covid-19 has changed a lot about our lives: how we work, how we socialize, what we can, what we cannot do... But it has also affected a very fundamental aspect of our existence - our relationships and our sex drive. So, if you have found yourself and your libido impacted by the pandemic and you're unsure how to move forward and how to reclaim a healthy and connected intimacy with your partner, this video is for you! Hello everyone!

When the Covid restrictions were first introduced in Australia, I had to cancel a lot of appointments and events, both for my business and personal life. And whatever was left in my calendar, I was converting into the online world. My recent sessions with clients from all over the world have been giving me a deep insight into the minds, hearts and the bedrooms of people in different countries. Some are home alone, some are with their partners,

some are with families and friends. And many of them are reporting some level of impact that Covid is having on their sex lives and their libido. If you find yourself in one of these categories, please hit that "Like" button and comment below about your situation. I respond personally to all of the comments and I would love to hear from you about what you're going through. There are people who are now desiring sex more than ever.

The uncertainty a lot of us experience about our lives, our future, about our health can be a driving force behind seeking comfort and safety in the arms of a lover. This can mean deep frustration for people who are single, who live alone or who are separated from their partners. Many people are currently feeling unsettled, lost, angry or frustrated with this whole Coronavirus situation. And sex can provide a much needed release, a happy place to go to in order to lift our moods and morale. Spending intimate time with a partner can be also an amazing therapy in this strange world of isolation and disconnection. But! There are also people for whom sex is at the bottom of the priority list right now. A sense of stress, fear or anxiety can actually repress libido and push sex out of our minds. After all, why would you worry about sex if your job, your income,

your health, maybe even your life were potentially at risk right now. Couples who are spending a lot of time together can also struggle with conflict and resentment. And if there are kids present in the house as well, that just means even less privacy and more stress which will keep both partners from connecting sexually. The first thing to recognize is what your needs are right now. Are you craving the comfort of sex? Or are you struggling to feel any sexual desire at all?

Are you now more horny than ever? Or has your libido gone MIA? Secondly, don't judge yourself for not coping with it all as well as you would ideally like. We are living in bizarre times and it's perfectly ok to feel lost, confused or even scared. This is actually the time to be self-nurturing and self-compassionate. Don't try to push through your resistance to do whatever you perceive that you should be doing in your relationship. You cannot take a good care of your partner if you yourself are depleted or fearful. So allow yourself to sleep a little longer.

Or to eat more comfort foods. Don't pressure yourself to be as efficient as you would normally be. Learn to say "no" to certain things and give yourself the kind of patience and love that you would give to a cherished friend. Make sure to ask your partner for support, whether that's more sex or less sex, or any other adjustment in your life together. They have the right to say "no" but you have the right to ask. And if you're really struggling with lack of sex and intimacy in your life right now, then regular sessions of self-pleasure, aka masturbation, might be just the right thing for you.

Let me know in comments below what your biggest struggle during this pandemic has been. I'll be choosing the most pressing issues to address in my future videos Please also check out my other videos about sex, Tantra and intimacy! And if you like what I do, please hit that "Subscribe" button and the "Bell" icon to never miss when I post. Thank you so much for watching! 
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