How Long Should Good Sex Last | How long sex should last on average

How Long Should Good Sex Last | How long sex should last on average

Hi guys, I recently talked about howoften you should be having sex. And you can check out that video up here.Today I want to discuss the ideal durationof a sexual intercourse: what is normal or standard? How long do otherpeople have sex for? And how do YOU compare to that?Well, make sure to stay till the end because I'm going toexplore all of that. My name is Helena Nista and I am a sextherapist and a Tantra practitioner. I make videos about great sex, legendarypleasure, about Tantra and passionaterelationships. So if you're interested in these topicshave a browse through my channel and you might even want to subscribe andhit the bell icon to get access to all of my new videos.

OK, let's talk about an ideal duration of asexual encounter! I feel like first of all we need todefine sex. What are we actually talking about here?When does sex begin and when does it end? What is the imagein your mind when you hear the word "sex"? Is it thepenis in the vagina penetration alone? What about foreplay? What about cuddlingafterwards? And what if you decide to have sex again?Is that two separate experiences? Or one extended sexual encounter?So the statistics shared by the sexological communitytypically refer to the penetration alone. And the averageduration of sexual intercourse viewed from thatperspective is... 5.4 minutes. So that's 5.4 minutesfrom the moment of putting the penis inside the vaginato the point of ejaculation.

The problem is that thislength of time is typically described by women as insufficient for sexualsatisfaction. Women on average need four times longer to orgasm than men do.So if she's hoping to orgasm from penetration aloneher chances might not be that great if he cannot last longer.And the truth is that you need to find your own"sweet spot" in your relationship - that perfect situation that will createa sense of sexual satisfaction and intimate nourishment for both partners.To a lot of people sex that lasts less than five minutesseems insufficient. To others intercourse that goes for longer than 15 minutesseems too long. Others still can go on for hours and will cherish every singlemoment of it. So what is actually desirable for youand for your partner? And here it's really good to be actuallyclear on our desires in relation to the entiresexual experience as opposed to the penetration part alone.

So how muchforeplay do you both desire? What exactly should happen during thispart to give you both pleasure and a sufficient level ofarousal? How long should that part go for andonce penetration starts, can you move freely between penetrativeand non-penetrative sex? Or do you prefer to keep going withpenetration until some sort of conclusion occurs? What doesthat conclusion look like? Is it his ejaculation? Or are you notdone until both partners have orgasmed? And this is not to say that your sexualencounter should look the same each time. Sometimes it's just wonderfulto have a long, slow, sensual experience fullof teasing and playfulness.

And other timesa quickie is exactly what you both need and desire.But the main point here is to recognize your own desiresand to honor them, together with your partner's desires.Which brings me to two significant issues thatmost couples need to address: his ability to last longer and her abilityto orgasm in order to derive much moresatisfaction from sex. Let's first talk about men. Gentlemen,if you feel like you struggle to last as long as you would like to,please be aware that you can train your body to last longer.It's fairly simple and anybody can do it.

I talk about that topic in much moredetail in my Tantric Mastery for Men online course.But you can start by watching my video: "Tantric secret to last longer in bed".And ladies, if you're currently struggling to orgasm during sexplease be aware that there are powerful tools and techniques that can help youresensitize your body for much more pleasure, sensuality andfor deeper, more amazing orgasms. And I talkin depth about that in my online course for women:Orgasmic Empowerment. But for now you might want to start with my video:"Guide to female orgasm".

And if on top of your struggle to orgasm you'realso experiencing pain or discomfort during penetration, then make sure tocheck out my other video: "4 steps to de-armor your vagina". Look,great satisfying sex that lasts exactly as long asboth of you want and need to is a tricky goal.But both of you can do a lot to come much closer to creating this kind ofamazing, satisfying sexual experiences in your bedroom muchmore often if you choose to educate yourself on thetopic of sex and if you choose to invest some timeand energy into your sex life.

I share regularvideos on the topic of great sex so feel freeto take a stroll through my channel and watch whichevervideos pique your interest. And if you enjoyed this one, please makesure to give me 'thumbs up'! And also comment below to let me knowyour thoughts and your reaction to the 5.4 minute average of sexual intercourse.Do you think that's long or short? I really look forward to hearing from you!Please also have a look at my online courses: Tantric Mastery for Menand Orgasmic Empowerment for Women. I will link both of them in thedescription below. 
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