How Often Should We Have Sex How much sex is healthy

How Often Should We Have Sex How much sex is healthy

 Have you ever wondered how often youshould be having sex? What's normal? What's standard? What'srecommended by sex therapists? If you have, you're not alone. I've heardthat question many, many times from my clients over the years. And inthis video I have some answers for you. My name is Helena Nista and I am a sextherapist and a Tantra practitioner. I make videos about great sex, legendarypleasure, about Tantra and passionaterelationships. So if you'd like to learn more and if you're keen to learnwhat exactly is possible in your sex life,feel free to take a stroll through my channel. You might even want to subscribeand hit that bell icon to be notified whenever I post.Okay, let's talk about the best frequency of sexual intercourse.

 I guess a lot ofpeople wonder about some sort of standardwhen it comes to their sex lives: how often should you do it,what should it look like, what makes for the most satisfyingintercourse and what to do to have the best orgasms.I know that I was wondering that for many years. To be honest I received zerosexual education when I was young. I didn't even get the "condom-on-the-banana" talk. I knew absolutely nothing and I enteredthe world of sex truly clueless.

As a teenager I wasslowly learning from TV, from my friends in school and theneventually from the men I was interacting with.But it was really like the blind leading the blind because others knewlittle more than I did. And the information I was receiving wasmostly incorrect and misleading. It's such a shame that sexuality inmodern world is covered with such a thick layer of shame and guilt andembarrassment and inhibitions. How something sobeautiful, intimate and nurturing can be perceived as sowrong and inappropriate.

 That's beyond me but this in itself is a topic for awhole different video. So, the answer to the question "how oftenyou should be having sex" is simple - as often as you want to.When I work with clients in my sessions, before I recommendanything, I always ask them what they actually want and desirein their sex lives.

We're all unique and our sex driveor a level of sexual activity that will bring us most joy,nourishment and pleasure depends on a variety of factors.There is no such thing as a "recommended frequency of sex".Every couple is different and the best way to look at it is:what do you and your partner desire, what is the level of closeness andconnection in your sex life that makes you feel lovedand cared for in your relationship. For some people that's intercourse everyday, for others it's once a week or once a month, etc.And others still see sex as a bit of a chore or a nuisanceand delegate it to only those big, significant occasionsin their lives. And it's all good and fineas long as you or your partner are not experiencing sexual frustrationor resentment about your sexual connection.

The moment the frustrationstarts, that's when the problems begin. And that's usually when I as a sextherapist come in with my professional help and expertise.And by the way, how often do YOU want to have sex? Areyou clear on your answer to this question?And do you know where your partner stands on this issue?Let me know your number in the comments below. I actually released a videorecently on the topic of "do women like sex". And the video has been reallypopular because it addresses five factors that determinewomen's desire for frequent sex. So make sure to check it out as well. Andif you are finding that your sex life is gettinginfrequent or maybe boring or routine, have a lookalso at my Tantric Sex for Couples online coursewhich will teach you how to infuse your intimate connection with much morepassion and desire.

I will link it in the description downbelow. So, I guess our last question remains:"what to do when there's a conflict between yourdesired frequency of sex and your partner's desired frequency ofsex". What to do if these numbers aredifferent? And trust me - they probably will bebecause it's very hard to get together with someone whose sex drivematches yours exactly. Don't worry if your numbers are different. You're notdoomed! You simply need to create a win-winsituation where you're aware of your own needs and desires whenit comes to a more or less frequent sex and you alsoneed to be aware of your partner's preferences.Once you're both clear on that, you can work out the situation that works bestfor both of you. And here my Tantric Sex for Couples online course canalso really help by introducing much more excitement,passion, joy and connection to your bedroom activities.

Because some couples simply need a bit more thinking outside the boxin order to bring back that spark and sizzleof a frequent and fulfilling erotic bond. If you liked this video and particularlyif it answered some questions, please leave me a "Like". And I'm curiousto read your comments about your preferredfrequency of sex. I always respond personally to all ofthe comments and I look forward to reading yours.Don't forget to check out my Tantric Sex for Couples online course!Thank you so much for watching and see you in my next video! 
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