What if I told you that there's atechnique you can use to make your orgasms10 times stronger every time. And that you can use it both on yourself and onyour partner in order to give them mind-blowingexperiences in the bedroom. If that sounds good, please stick aroundbecause I'm going to tell you how to do exactly that. My name is Helena Nistaand I am a sex therapist and a Tantra practitioner.I make videos about great sex, legendary pleasure,about Tantra and passionate relationships. So if you're interested inthese topics, please make sure to subscribe to mychannel and also hit that bell icon to be notifiedwhenever I post.

I first heard of edging many years ago when I started studyingTantra and great sex. Back then I was still struggling to have orgasms and when idid manage to have them, it was by placing a vibrator on myclitoris. Because of the high intensity ofstimulation that the vibrators provide I would usually come pretty quickly butthe orgasms themselves were always quite disappointing, almost non-existent.

I had no idea back then what a difference slowing downwould make. It turns out that the best orgasms aren't the ones that we reachquickly but the ones where a lot of time istaken to build up enough arousal and sexual energy.In the mainstream world, we tend to think that the bestlover is the one who takes their partner to orgasm quickly.But in Tantra it's quite the opposite.

The best lover is the one who teasestheir partner and who stimulates them pleasurably for a longtime, and who drives them mad with desire before theyfinally let them reach that orgasmic peak.These tantric lovers all use a technique called edging.And the way edging works is quite simple: you come to the edge of orgasmand then you back away, so you don't let yourselfor your partner orgasm and you keep coming to thatedge before you finally climax. So I'm going to tell you first how to dothat alone and then how to do it with a partner.Just before I do that, I would truly appreciate it if you could give thisvideo a "like".

The more "likes" my videos get, the moreYouTube will be showing them to others, meaning that more people can learn aboutfantastic sex and amazing pleasure. Please also commentbelow to let me know if you've ever heard of edging before.When you're masturbating, make sure to pleasurably stimulate yourself until youcome close to the orgasm. Do not orgasm yet though! When you'reclose, take your hands away, relax your entirebody and take at least 10 deep abdominalbreaths, while touching and caressing therest of your body.

When you're breathing deeply, the sexualenergy is being pulled out of your genital area and distributedthroughout your body. This means that the intensity of thearousal will reduce but the lovely sensations will start tospread out. At that point, after 10 breaths, you canstart stimulating your genital area again.Keep going until you get close to your edge again.And then stop, take your hands away and breathe.Again about 10 breaths should do it. Once your arousal reduces.resume genital stimulation. So what you're doing here is you'recoming up to a high level of arousal and then coming back down again.And then going up and back down again. Try to do this up-and-down about fivetimes, at least five times, before you reach climax.And when you do, prepare for a mind-blowing,expanded, blissful experience.

When you take the time to build upenough sexual energy, the resulting orgasm will be muchstronger than if you were to only stimulate yourselffor a few minutes. When you're playing with your partnerand you want to use edging on them, it's going to be a little bit moretricky because you won't always know how close to the orgasm they are.This is why it's going to be helpful to ask them to communicate with you and tolet you know where they're at. I find that simplyraising their hand when they're close to the edge isenough for me to know when I should stop stimulating theirgenitalia. So once your partner is highly aroused,it's time to start spreading out their sexual energy.So instruct them to breathe deeply while you're massaging and strokingtheir chest, their arms, their belly, their legs... And afterthey've taken 10 breaths, you can resume thestimulation of their genitals.

Keep going until you bring them up tothe edge at least five times. This technique istruly mind-blowing and particularly when I use it with a newlover, it completely blows their socks off. Mostpeople have no idea how amazing, powerful and satisfyingtheir orgasms can be. But the big secret is taking your time, using the edgingand stimulating as much sexual energy and arousal in their body as possible.Then you're pretty much guaranteed to rock their worldwhen you let them reach that climax. If you like this video,please give it a "like" and a comment. I would love to know if you're alreadyfamiliar with edging or if you're going to give it a go.And what kind of results you get with it. I always respond personally to all ofthe comments and I cannot wait to read yours. Thank you so much forwatching and see you in my next video! 
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