I still remember my very firstbreast-gasm many years ago. It was beautiful,powerful and really blissful. My partner kept stimulating my breastsand this pleasure energy just kept growing steadilyin my chest area, until it finally explodedin the most amazing way.

And these ripplesand waves of sweet orgasmic energy kept flowing through my entire systemfor quite a while, which really surprised me back then.My name is Helena Nista and I am a sex therapist and a Tantra practitioner.I make videos about great sex, legendary pleasure, about Tantraand passionate relationships. And todayI'm going to tell you how to give your partner a breast-gasm.Most of the people I speak to have no ideathat they can give each other orgasmic experiences located indifferent parts of their bodies.

When they are in bed,they typically concentrate on their genital area, theyconcentrate their touch and stimulation on their genitalia.And even if there is some foreplay and kissing involved first, that kind of touch is considered more anentree before the main meal, being the penetration or oral sex. Andthe truth is the entire body is one big erogenous zone and we canstimulate the body to an ecstatic peak, to an ecstatic climaxin many different areas - pretty much anywhere where the body can feelpleasure. So how to give your partner a breast-gasm?

Preparing the space sothat your partner can fully relax is always helpful. Make sure to tidy upthe area, maybe bring some extra cushions or blankets so that she can be morecomfortable. You can even decorate it with some candles or flowers, or bringincense sticks, or some relaxing music to really helpher out. Next, invite your partner in and startgently caressing and stroking her entire body.Make sure that your touch is really slow and gentle, almost feather-lightin the way you're touching her. And let goof any goals at this stage,

don't expect anything to happen.Purely allow your partner to surrender to your relaxing touch. Invite her tobreathe and to stay present in her experience.We all tend to get distracted, even in the moments of pleasure.The active minds keep pulling us away from what's happening in the body.And there's just no way we can have amazing ecstatic experienceswhen the mind is occupied somewhere else. So, keep remindingher to be present and to breathe deeply.Her breath can actually keep grounding her in her bodyso that she can really feel deeply all the most subtleand the more intense sensations in her body.

When you start touching her breasts, do it gently and lightly.Allow your fingers to wander sort of around each breast one at a timeand then both of them together. You can sort of knead them as well andcaress them, and vibrate them etc But don't touch her nipples at thisstage, the nipples are very sensitive so you don't want to start with them. You can sort of come closer and closer to the areola and then backing away, sortof teasing your partner this way. You canalso allow your fingers to moveout to the rest of her body, to wander down and caress her belly and her legs and then to wander up to her neck and to her face,and down her arms. And this will really help her pleasure energyto move and expand through her entire body.When she's ready for more,

you can include the nipples.So start by gently tracing the areolawith your fingers, on obviously both breasts.Then you can start sort of stroking her nipples in different ways, you canroll them between your fingers or you can even start pinching them.This will keep releasing pleasure hormones through her entirebody. And make sure here to also keep varying the pressure of your touchbetween lighter and firmer strokes. Edgingis a very powerful technique here but you really need to keepwatching her body and noticing what's happening with her.When she is reaching high states of arousal,encourage her to breathe and move your strokes away from her breasts and keeptouching & stroking the rest of her body. And when she's calm and relaxedagain you can start building up the pleasureand charge, sexual charge in her breasts again.

This kind of dance between arousal and relaxationis going to help her to experience even more pleasure and to channel thatpleasure through her entire system. This process should take at least halfan hour. The more you tease her and arouse her, the more powerful herbreast-gasm will be. The quick and rushed sessions ofbreast touch or breast massage are just usually not enoughfor a woman to build up enough erotic charge and energyfor any kind of climax. So, make sure to enjoy yourself herebecause if you're not then it's not likely that she will. Andif you would like to learn more make sure to check out my TantricMastery for Men online course which is packed with my most powerfuland efficient tools and practices that will allow YOUto become the best lover you can possibly be. 
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