I cant believe how much I paid for this 2020

I cant believe how much I paid for this 2020
This is what happenswhen you run your mouth on the internet, I thought Iwas a cool guy, I was like, hey this is a crazy curvedultra wide Alienware monitor, if anyone has one of these, I'll pay 10 grand forit, so I can unbox it, I was 100% certain nobody had one, Alienware told me nobody had one, well as it turns out,Alienware was just rebranding, a monitor from a little known company, called Ostendo called the CRVD 43, this my friends is the world's first, as far as we can tellcurved desktop monitor and the world's firstultra wide desktop monitor and it wasn't Alienware,

so I did get a bit of a discount but I still ended up paying6,000 US dollars for this thing, so it better be really fucking cool, welcome to holy, the heaviest monitor thatI have yet encountered, Ridge wallet wants to redefine the wallet with its compact frameand RFID blocking plates, check out how Ridge walletcan keep your bulbs down and use offer code liners to save 10% and get free worldwide shipping. (upbeat music) The Genesis of all ofthis was a Reddit post, that was brought up in ourweekly writer's meeting, it looks so cool,

I was like, holy crap that is such an amazing piece of computing history, like I need it, we reached out to everyonewe could think of, to get our hands on one of these puppies but all of them were dead ends, in a few cases they didactually have the display but less of a dead end andmore of a dead display, so then it ended up gettingthrown at oh my God it's heavy, it ended up getting thrown inas a topic for the Wan show, where I kind of jokinglykind of seriously, put out a $10,000 bountyand when I did that, I will buy it from you for10,000 us dollars if it works, so that I can make a video about it. I was not expecting toactually pay $10,000, I expected to get nothingother than the same pictures, we had already seen of non-working units and yet lo and behold,

10 days later, we got an email with a link to a video of a new inbox monitor,like look carefully at this, this is actual officialpackaging for this thing, we verify the monitor did in fact work and the deal was made, I'm sure that guy was not expecting to get $6,000for this ancient technology, I mean look at thisthing, even when it's off, the screen's not even black, there were three variants of this, the Alienware one from CES2008, where no price was given, there wasn't any C variant, that was shown at the2009 Mac world event, where a hefty $8,000 price tag was given, then there's ours theOstendo Technologies, CRVD, 43 inch curved displayand when this was first sold for a very brief periodin 2009 at its cheapest, it was a modest 6,500 US dollars,

which is kind of crazy becausethat's actually very close, to what we ended up paying for it, now at every event wherethe display was shown, it made headlines, anyone who saw it, I mean look at this 2008 was wowed by both the curved nature ofthe display and how wide it is, like sitting about two feet from it, gives you a natural 90degree field of view, that's actually very comparable, to high-end curved ultrawide displays today, this thing was literally adecade ahead of its time, which isn't to say thateverything about it, holds up particularly well today, let's start getting it hooked up and talk through some of the specs, so in terms of connectivity, display port, ladies andgentlemen, didn't exist yet, so we're gonna go ahead and oh, it's fine, there's your power input rightthere, ladies and gentlemen, got that dual link DVIinput, it's in my port,

I would actually be surprisedif it runs full res on, what HDMI version wouldthis have even been? 1.3 oh baby, USB to hub though ladies and gentlemen, it's a great value at $6,000, the stand looks likecast aluminum I guess, 25 pounds without the stand, well the stand definitelyon smaller weight, 'cause it's pretty heavy. Wait, this is a single link DVI to HDMI, why would it come withsuch a weird stupid cable? Can I just have like aregular dual link DVI cable? - [Nicholas] I brought the HDMI - Oh right we're runninglike a 2080 or something here and obviously it doesn't have DVI. Who bought this thingand then never opened it? Oh my God do you hear those fans? It's as loud as a computer, whoa, giant cooling fan right here, based on the position,

I would say it must benear the power supply 'cause the power goes in right under there and then check this shiz out, look at these giant heat sinks here, it's funny I didn't think about it but that totally makes sense, that this would have tohave Beefy cooling in it because the way that they built it is unlike anything that I've seen before, so it's got a 2880 by 900 resolution and how they achieved that andthe curvature of the display is that it's actually insteadof being just one display, four DLP LED lit screens inportrait mode just lined up, so pretty much it's kindof full of projectors, what's cool about being DLPthough is that we might actually get a pretty decent gamingexperience out of this thing because it boasts a 0.02millisecond response time, that's right, we're gonna game on it, this is a classic in termsof interface down here, hey, it works,

wow thatis really washed out, system error, 1508 contact tech support, what are the odds Ostendo'sTech support still around, some of the other specs,LTTstore.com by the way, include 200 nit peak brightness ouch, 10,000 to one contrast ratio, sure that looks like a badsign, a 100% SRGB coverage and 99% coverage of theAdobe RGB color space, should I be worried about that? So let's try the power cycle trick here, wow it has like a boot down sequence, you can like hear the power supply. Yes, oh wow It actuallylooks a lot better too, now that it's warmed up, that's crazy, you can still absolutely see the seams between the projectors like it's hello,

so right there, right there,right there and right there, there's your four are they LED backlit? - [Nicholas] Yeah. - That would have beenlike crazy town technology at the time, that's insane,check it out from this angle, like see how stark those linesare between the projectors, to be clear it's not great butit's not that bad actually, let's give it a little calibri. Wow look at this it's gota menu and everything, I would have given basicallyanything for this 10 years ago, so you're actually aligningthe two different projectors, holy crap, so it can movethem, it can move them? You gotta be kidding me, It's definitely blurriertowards the outside but that's pretty typical ofa projection style display, okay so how do you make white smooth? Okay then, oh I see, so it'sadjusting the brightness, at the meeting point where they overlap, oh, that's a little better actually, it just darkened it a bit more, information, yes please,tell me more information, 2880 by 960 Hertz nativesync type digital,

yeah okay, in terms of responsiveness here, yeah for a 60 Hertz display, it's not bad, like it feels, it feels fine, now there was a lot ofconfusion at the time because the thickness,the girth of this display, led people to believe thatit was a CRT but it wasn't and quite frankly, that's abit of an unfortunate thing, if it was a CRT, it would definitely beeven heavier than it is, actually by a considerable margin but it would also havebetter image clarity and better brightness, it kind of buzzes different sounds, depending on how much of thedisplay is actually active, that's so weird, everything about this thing is so weird, what even is this aspectratio 32 by 10 in game, the lines are really not that noticeable, especially from that two foot sweet spot, like it's really tuned, like if I'm in here, I can make it out and if I'm out here, I can makeit out but like right here, holy crap like,

 it feels really responsive, like holy crap, my mind wouldhave been absolutely blown, to try something like this,no wonder it made headlines at every show that theydownload the thing, interestingly I'm not gettingany noticeable rainbow effect and normally I find it quitenoticeable on DLP displays, I don't know if that just has to do with the small size ofit or my proximity to it or what the deal is there. - [Nicholas] Ostendo'sspecialty was LEDs back then. - Interesting. I mean the advertised contrast ratio is obviously complete bullshit, to put it as charitably as I possibly can but pretty much everything else about it is really impressive,

sowhen I whip the camera, like when I pan the camera like this, you see a little bit of display tearing but for not having V syncenabled, that's normal, what's shocking to me, so here if we turn this sync on, what's shocking to me isthat in between the displays, I don't notice anything, like I don't notice like a kindof a compression expansion, kind of artifact or anything like that, it really does feel like one big display, there's things thatthey lied about for sure but there's also things theygot really, really right, gaming aside from likea creative standpoint, something like this would havebeen absolutely game changing with that said, I think you'dstill need another display for certain types of work, like I mean, if I was doing anything, that I expected to becolor accurate on here,

get real, it might have thatgamut coverage or whatever but I mean with the amount of you know, fringing for example on borders and with how much variationthere is with a single color, across the entire widthof the display like here, you can see how the start menu is like kind of pink over on this side and then it's more likedark here, there's no way, that you'd be doing any kindof like color accurate work but from just a sheer screenreal estate standpoint, we're looking at a very modernamount of screen real estate for you know, timelinesand you know media bins and graphics and all thatkind of stuff like this, again would have beenabsolutely mind blowing, to 10 years ago me, in conclusion, as a 10 year ago, tech demo,absolutely freaking unreal,

I don't know that I would have spent this kind of money on it, just because there aresome serious quality of life problems with it with respect to, you knowthe changes in the zones, particularly the maximumbrightness is really not great, contrast isn't great but asa 10 years ago tech demo, unfreaking real, I'm still not stokedthat I paid $6,000 for it but hey, maybe we'll do a live stream, you wanna see a tear down,live stream tear down? Let us know in the comments below, let's squeeze two videosout of this thing, make up some some ground there,make sure you're subscribed,

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