Most Common Sexual Problems in Men

 Most Common Sexual Problems in Men 

Hello. I am Dr. Prabir Basu. I work in the department of Urology, as a consultant at Narayana Multi Speciality Hospital, Barasat. Today we are going to discuss about male sexual health. Nowadays we are getting a lot of patients from India & Bangladesh, who are coming to us for consultationwith regards to their sexual function. Not necessarily patients of 20-30 years butwe are also getting patients above 50 years. Which we used to not get earlier. It is all because of awareness.

The population which comes to us for sexual disfunction,earlier the same population, was shy and never came thinking what will the doctor think. But now patients are more open to it. One other important thing that we think, is a sexual problem which willget cured with sex medicines.It is not like that, because now a days stress in life hasincreased so much that it is seen, that the testosterone level in males or the male sex hormone, is gradually reducing in the body.

It is deteriorating very quickly with age. Apart from this the lifestyle changes,faulty junk food habits, irregular timings, smoking, alcohol intake, stress, are coming again and again. Because of this the testesterone level in the body reduces. As result the patients are coming with sexual dysfunctionrelated issues. Performance anxiety or performance is not at par. Then main reason behind saying this is the awareness that is required; testosterone does not only reduces sex health.

Testosterone is involved in cardiovascular, musculo skeletal and in bone health. It is also involved in normal rocking condition of a human male body. If seen that if testosterone level is decreasing than the normal level that is expected at 35-40 yrs of age, that patient when becomes 45, develops a cardiovascular disorder, develops high pressure, metabolic syndromecomes up which is called diabetes. Different other things like obesity, and other problems come up. Bone related problems also occur. Bones get fractured, risk becomes higher. We can quickly treat these patients with testosterone assay.

 It is very important to know, who should andshould not be given testosterone. That is a very big controversial issue and has to be tackled only by specialists. You can not take testosterone over the counter. This is an abused drug and athletes do abuse it very much. But those who have less testosterone, those who have completed their family, and those who, have started facing the problem through sex, for those whose cardio vascular issuesand diabetes issues get started early if we can start the treatment through testesterone assay, then we will benefit that huge amount of population, which is a huge chunk of the normal population of our country and also abroad. This concept is very much prevalant in abroad. This has just started coming up in our country.And we too are trying to create an awareness through such videos. If you have sexual problems, do not feel shy or hesitate as it can also affect your normal general health. 
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