Sexy talk How To Talk Dirty In Bed 5 Tips for a Hot Sexy Talk 2020

Sexy talk How To Talk Dirty In Bed 5 Tips for a Hot Sexy Talk 2020

Dirty talk or sexy talk in the bedroomcan be an incredible turn-on for a lot of people.But most of us don't actually do it because we don't know how to.In this video I'm going to give you very simple tips and techniquesto drive your lover crazy using just your words.My name is Helena Nista and I am a sex therapist and a Tantra practitioner.I make videos about great sex, legendary pleasure,about Tantra and passionate relationships. So if these topics soundlike fun make sure to subscribe to my channel andalso hit that bell icon to be notified whenever I post.And now let's get into some dirty talk. When I was younger, I was never intotalking dirty in bed.

I wasn't into talking in bed - period. Oncethe sexy action started, all you would hear from me would be anoccasional moan or a giggle. And that's it! All of thatchanged in my late 20s when I got together with a particularly talkativelover. It was a casual affair but lasted at least six months because wereally liked each other and sex was really good. And he always talked in bed.It seemed so natural to him, so effortless, likehe didn't have to think about it, he didn't have to wonderwhat to say, he would just speak. And I could clearly tell that it was givinghim a lot of pleasure and that it was increasing his turn-on. And he would ask me to speak as well. And thegreat thing about him was that he would really help me out in thebeginning.

He knew that I wasn't used to talking dirty and he was happyto help. So he would say things like: "Tell methis or that" - "Tell me how wet you are" or "Tell mehow great my cock feels inside of you." etc.He taught me a lot, not just about talking dirty butabout making it fun and about really enjoying myself in the process.I actually learned how to get really turned on by dirty talk, whether it wasme who was speaking or my lover. So if talking dirty is something you'dlike to try or learn how to do masterfully, here are mytop 5 tips for hot sexy talk. Telling your partner what you want canbe a true turn on.

This will be particularly hot when theseare things you're authentically desiring, something that truly excites you.It will also help them give you more pleasure since you're clearly expressingwhat you want. And then they can fulfil those desires.This can be things like: "I want to ravish you!" "I can't wait totaste you on my lips." "I want you inside of me" or "I want to beinside of you." "I want you to come all over me." "I wantyou to spank my bum while you're putting that big hard c*ckof yours inside of my p*ssy." Before you do something,tell your partner what you're going to do.

When you're talking about things thatare about to happen, you're actually increasing the hotnessof the moment for both of you because you're creating anticipation ofthe yummy things to come. For example: "I'm going to suck you andlick you until you're hot and ready to explode." "I'm going to make youscream with pleasure." "Relax and let me take care of you.""I'm going to tease you until you can't take it any longer..."And my favorite one: I'm going to... until you..." Was that too much? The next easy way totalk dirty is to actually express what you're feelingin the moment. And the more descriptive you are about what's happeningin the particular moment, the better this will work. So this can be things like:"This feels so fucking amazing!" "I'm getting so turned on.""I'm dripping wet for you!" "I love it when you squeeze your pussy around me likethat." "Your cock feels so incredibly goodinside of me." "You lick my pussy so good.

I could spend all daybetween your legs..." Tell your lover what's really yummy anddelicious about them, about how they look, about their scent,about how their body and touch feels on your skin. Andabout all those amazing things you love about them as your lover, etc.For example: "You have such perfect c*ck" or "You have such perfect p*ssy". "You taste sogood baby!" "You fuck me so well! "You're an incrediblelover!" "You look so sexy right now." "I love thesounds you're making!" As a bonus tip, chances are that thereare particular words, body parts, expressions oractivities that are a special turn-on for your partner. So make sure to use them.

Speak in a waythat is most customized for your partner's desires and preferences. If you're not sure what they are, start listening to your partnerclosely when they are talking about your sex life or even ask them about theirspecific fantasies, or about things that theywould enjoy hearing from you in be. If you enjoyedthis video, please give it a 'Like' and also let me know in the commentsbelow if talking dirty is something you ever triedor you would like to try. I always respond personally to all of thecomments and I cannot wait to read yours.
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