The Last Campfire A First Look Apple Arcade

The Last Campfire A First Look Apple Arcade 

Hey, everyone. Stephanie here,from Apple Arcade. Today, we're bringing youan exclusive first look into The Last Campfire,from Hello Games. You play as Ember, who islost in this mysterious world, and must find their way home, through a variety of puzzles, all while restoringhope to characters who have lost it along the way. Let's dive intoThe Last Campfire. Okay, so, here we are,on the cave level. There's a lot to look at, but when in doubt, move forward. And it looks likethere's a boat down here. I don't think we can use it yet. Look at these cute little crabs. Gonna try and catch one.

Nope. It's these cool little details that just make this worldso much fun to be in. And it feels like we'resupposed to just keep going. Gonna jump on some lily pads. Oop. Ba-doo. Ba-doo. Oh. Some mist here. So, here we are, at the dam. A new level means anew puzzle to solve, or a new item to collect. There's a bridge up ahead, so maybe, we can cross there. See what we have here. Oh, look how cute I am. Some more crab friends. Hello. Oh, nice. A little cutsceneto show off the dam. That is one large pig head. It could be a hint abouta goal on this level. See what we have here.

Gordian knot. Okay, so, we need somethingto cut that cable. Let's see what we canfind, back this way. I love these crabs. I wanna take one home. Oh, look. A friend. Let's go talk to them, andsee what we can find out. So, let's get overto this bucket, and toss some foodto get him moving. If we toss foodin the wrong area, we have to restart the puzzle. Some puzzles unlock itemsused in the same level, some unlock items usedthroughout the game, and others help out new friends. You'll notice he has torotate, every time he's fed. He can only see the food,if it's in front of him. He looks so cranky. (Stephanie laughs) We're feeding him. He should be happy. Goofy crab. One more, and we've done it. Ooh, he went flying. That's a nice detail. You can hear the crab'spinchers, in the sound design.

Another clue as to whatwe should focus on. Oh my goodness. He's so cute, withhis little crab claws. Awesome. And so, we cancontinue our journey, since we solved thecrab puzzle first. Now, it looks like there'ssomething over here, in this corner. Okay, I see it. This platform is connected tothat shiny block in the air. Now, in an earlier level, we were awarded a flutefor solving a puzzle. We can use this fluteto raise the bridge, while we're on it. Oh, oh. There we go. Ew, it's got some, some dribble. Okay. Looks like we have twomore platforms to move, in order to go forward. Now, let's use the fluteonce again to head on up. Once you get the flute, you'll notice it's usedfor a lot of the puzzles found in the game. It's a central piece ofEmber's journey home.

So, it looks likethere's an elevator, at the end of this path. So, let's see where it takes us. Oh, this is cool. It looks like we're in aroom that controls the dam. Oh, and there'sanother little friend. Okay, so, they need some helpstarting this water pump. Let's see what we can do. There's, like, some kindof glyph on the floor. So, we're gonnapump up the fire. Nice. I really like the purplishhues that they used. It's really beautiful. Okay, so, part ofthis pipe is missing, and the piece isover in that corner. So, let's grab it,to put it over here. So, we have to rotateit in place, real quick.

And look at that. We've got one ofthe pumps working. It's also raised those stairs, giving us access to theother side of the room. The developers fromHello Games mentioned that they were really inspiredby dark fantasy films, while making this game, and it reallycomes through here. Okay, so, two sections ofpipes need to be solved. It's really cool. Once you head up the stairs, you can see the specularon the stairwell. It's really well done. And turn it. That's cool. So, we've got the pump on, now. The dam has opened, and it's spilling waterall over the marsh. So now, I imaginewe can get access to that boat at the beginning. Back to sunshine, whew. Is that a slide? Oh.

This is awesome. Oh, and into a pile of mud. Just have to dolaundry later, I guess. So, let's keep going forward, and see if we can get backto the previous level. I like that you can see justhis eyes, at the very end. Going back up. Hoping there's a shortcut. Sweet. Gonna head on out of here. And now, we're back. Look, the boat's in the water. Going down into ourluxurious yacht. Now, we can get intothat spooky cave. It's so cute when they paddle. Here we go. Ooh. A whole new level meansa new set of puzzles. Oh, cool snake. So, that's The LastCampfire, from Hello Games. Great puzzles. Awesome adventure. Amazing visuals. Fantastic soundtrack. Just an overall great game
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