Today 5 Easy Makeup Techniques That Will Change Your Face For Women

Today 5  Easy Makeup Techniques That Will Change Your Face For Women

 join me today for five easy makeuptechniques that change the look of your facehi i'm Schellea and welcome to fabulous50s today i'm going to show you makeup techniques that change the look of yourface i've applied the makeup techniques tothis side of my face and this is my quick five minute get readyin the morning routine it's very easy but all of theelements do something to lift my face which isexactly what i need being over 50 and it's also great ifyou're working from home to get in the habit of waking up everymorning going through your routine putting on a small amount of makeup justso that you're telling yourself that you'rehere

you're ready to work and it puts you into a different mindset than justwaking up and going about your day without puttingany effort in and if you're new to fabulous 50sclick subscribe and ring that bell for more videoscreated for women over 50. okay i'm excited let's get startedto start with i've already done my foundation and i've used the stila hideand chic this foundation is very dewy and it'sperfect for mature skin it's a light to medium coverage and itshows your skin through the foundation which is what ilove and then on top of that i've just put a little bit of charlotte tilburyflawless filter just on my cheekbones so that's what i already have on and nowi'm going to

show you the five techniques so the first technique issimple and easy and it's to add a contourto your face to add definition add lift and also add a bit of color to your facetoday i'm going to use the nude stick this is shade 6 soit's darker than my skin color and they're soeasy to use this is how simple it is so you takeyour cheekbone just underneath and feel thatand then you draw a line like that simple and easy then you takea little bit on your chin and a little bithere this is where i put it and those are the areasthat i want to minimize and with using a darker color than your skin color isgoing to minimize an area on your face andthis area here is we're going to cut in and make that area look smaller and it'sgoing to make my cheek look bigger and nicer so then i take a brushand this brush is the sigma max kabuki it's got a straight sort of line andyou can take this sort of a brush and tapin the product and just blend it out you can also do this step with yourfingers just tap it in just make sure that you blend it outenough so there's not a straight line we use this technique to define thecheekbone and lift it but if there's a line and you haven'tblended in the product it looks silly

 so make sure that you keep tapping awayuntil all the product is mixed in with your foundation andthen i'm going to do the same here and the same up here so we've got a little bit of color alittle bit of definition and already it's lifted my face and all of thesesteps are my go-to every day just for a minimal simplegentle makeup look but i feel like i've done something and i've done the verybest i can with what i have technique numbertwo is to apply concealer and then layer itwith a highlight so this is such a great tip it's really quick and easyand it's much more effective than just wearing plain concealer on itsown today i'm going to use the tarte shape tape and just a tiny bit of thisand i only need it in the corner of my eyesbecause that's where i have discoloration and you may have itaround the whole area of your eye so wherever you have discoloration use theconcealer and tap it in with a brush this is the itcosmetics concealer brush and then tap it in just to the area thatyou need we don't want too much concealerbecause it does sort of draw attention to the fine lines and wrinkles that youhave under your eye but it's amazing forgetting rid of all that redness and blue color under your eyeso tap that in and you'll notice the difference between this eye and thiseye even though i have foundation on the concealer helpslift that eye the next step is the techniqueso we do concealer and then we lay out with a brightening concealerthis one here is the becker light shifterand

it's a brightening concealer but if you lay out one on top of the otheryou get this beautiful brightening effect and adding lightto that area under your eye brings it forward and makes it sort of come tolife and i learned this from a makeup artistand i've done it ever since and i love itso you take the product and then you put iton top of your concealer so you wear layeringand i like to put it here under my eye as wellbecause that area in me is a bit sunken inand when i add light to that area that's sunk init comes forward so it kind of matches up with the rest of my faceand then you just go and tap it all in ah it's so beautiful you're going tolove doing this and it really makes a difference andwhen you look at yourself your eye just is more alive and moreluminous and this layering technique is so greatfor every day because it's really quick to do one ontop of the other and then dab in it all blends in the product isn'tsparkly it's just like radiant which is what ilove radiant eyes and this concealer trickthis technique is definitely by far the best thing i'velearned about makeup in the last few monthsyou're going to love this try it for yourself and see if you love it toothe third technique is to get rid of the discoloration on the eyelidsthis is a really simple technique you layer an eyeshadow

primerunderneath an eye shadow tap it all in andall of a sudden you get rid of the discoloration on your eyesall of the red and the purple tones and the simplicity of thatchanges your face it changes from discolored to colored and you can't doit with just foundation as you will see when i do both sides sothis one here is two faced insurance i have tried many others but i always comeback to this one because it works and i don't getcreasing so take a little bit on your finger and then tap it into your eyelid and then you let it dry for a little bitthen take a makeup brush and use a nude color just to color in yourentire eyelid nothing fancy this is just an everydaylook but we got rid of all the red and the discolorationthe next technique is to apply eyeliner because it's going to give you aninstant lift and i think out of all of the techniques eyeliner gives

youthe best bang for buck it wakes you up it lifts your eyeit gives you more definition around your eyesand our eyes are the first thing that people seeand in today's environment maybe they're the only thing that people seeso if we've got a technique that works every single timeyou can do this daily and it just gives you a lift and makes you feel goodfor this technique i'm going to use an eyeliner brush this is the e11by sigma and i'm going to use the gel eyeliner this one's dark brownso this is the perfect eyeliner technique for mature eyes because it'sgoing to lift our eyes without us looking like we're

 made upyou dip your brush into the product and thengently pull your eye to the side find your lasteyelash and mark it and then draw a line directlyup from that last eyelash just like that so we normally wouldthink to go outwards but we're not going to do thattoday we're going to just draw a line upwards take youreye back down and then we're going to take that lineand create a triangle and then i'm going to fill the trianglein and have a look at that see that this eyeliner technique is sosimple it works every single time and you can notice thedifference on this side compared to this side i'm more liftedand you can use eyeshadow for this technique with this brushor you can use an eyeliner whatever you've got and you can practice ityou can also use a lot of product or you can use a very soft gentle amountof product it's up to you and it's fun to practice from here wetake the end of that triangle and bring it out to the edge of the eye that's an instant lift in a few secondsand you can create a whole lot of looks using the one techniquethe next easy makeup technique

that changes your faceinstantly is eyebrows and i'm going to show you how to do it very quick andeasy you take three points on your eye youjoin them together fill them in it instantly changes yourface and then your eyebrows create a frame that gives your facestructure okay the three tips are tip of your noseto the corner of your eye that's point one point one tip two is the corner of yournose to the center of your pupil and that point there represents the peakof your eyebrow and then the third is the tip of yournose to the edge of your eye and you put that dot there then

you justjoin the dots together starting on the edge here use brushstrokes to fill in the blanks so i have nothingthere and i'm going to fill those in and theni'm going to take it out and i'm going to bring it up to that dotand then take from this dot down to this onethen you fill it all in create some structure and fill in allthe parts of your eyebrow that don't have any hair in themthen you brush it up there you go eyebrows and eyeliner makea huge difference for my eyebrows i use the benefitprecision my brow pencil this is number twoand it's the fine tip i've just put some mascara oni use a thrive mascara this one's really great if you want to lengthen youreyelashes and if you're out and about and wearinga mask you'll notice the big difference it makes i'll show you so even though we haven't done much itdoes make a big difference if the rest of your face is coveredand it's not like we have to do anything fancy to make a big differencethese are simple easy

techniques that you can do yourselfand the next technique is simple it's easy if you can do it every dayit makes a big difference and i'm using another nude stick to add some color tomy cheek it takes two seconds so this one iscalled peach peony and use any color that youlike it's just quick and easy so i take alittle bit of this on the brush and this one is a sigma flat kabuki airdab it onto your hand so too much product doesn't go on your faceand then just take it above the apple of your cheek don't put it down here because it dropson our face so mature skin we need to lift everything up so we'regoing to put that on take it out a little bit and then thisplus the contour that we did earlier is going to marry togetherto form perfect harmony on your face and again this technique lifts the faceso try it it's too easy it's five minutes in the morningall of this and it's done and the next makeup technique isfor the lips and you as you can see

i have no color in my lips and the restof my face is done but i'm going to show you a way that youcan add color to your lips that's soft and gentleand it can also be worn under a mask and it's going to give you a better resultthan lipstick would with a mask on so i'm going to use a lipliner i love lip liners because they're sogreat for people like me who've got wrinkles on my lipsand it helps with lipstick bleed this one here is charlotte tilburypink venus you can see how much i love it and i'm only going to do half of mylips but i'm going to show you a technique that's really good for justgentle at home easy makeup where you don't want to look overdonebut you want to look like something's done we're going to start by gentlyover lining the bottom lip just a little bit and then we're going to take it

insidethe line as we go towards the corner and then fill it in and we're going todo the same at the top we're going to slightly draw over theline but not too much especially if you'vegot wrinkles because it just looks silly so if you have thin lips and you've gotwrinkles on top of your lips and you overline them you can just tell that you've tried to do itso don't do that just go a little bit above like that and then we're going to go alittle bit inside the line as we go towards thecorner of our mouth like that and then fill it in i find that when people over line theirlips a lot it only works if you've got

beautifulplump skin up here and if you don't have thatsmooth plumpness up here it doesn't work sowe've got to make the best of what we've gotand i don't have much so this technique gives methe best bang for buck with my size lips and then what i do next is i tap it allin and that just gives me a more soft diffused look which is what i like andthen on top of that i put llano lips this is very moisturizingfor

my lips and it stops my lips from getting dryand because i'm at home or under a mask i don't need to wear lip gloss anymorebut this is much better for my lips and it's so moisturizing so just take alittle bit of that and then put it on top so there you goit's just very soft and natural and i think if you try this you'll reallyenjoy it and if you're wearing a mask you canjust wear the lip liner by itself and when you take your mask off you canput this on so it's nice and moisturizing i reallyhope you enjoyed learning those techniques and if you did please give athumbs up and share them with your friends and i'dlove to hear what you're doing are you still wearing makeup every dayeven if you're not going out or going to workleave a comment below to let me know what you're doing if you are wearingmakeup every day why are you doing it and if you'vestopped wearing makeup altogether how does that feel do youfeel liberated or do you feel kind of strangelet me know in the comments below i'd love to hear andif you'd like to know how i can miraculously change the look of my facewith a side fringe check out this video here it'll explaineverything and if you're up for a challenge andyou'd like to get fit and get healthy and get strongtake the 14 day challenge you're going to love it so many people have gotreally great results fast results and you can toothank you so much for watching and have a beautiful day 
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