(Video) Kia Sonet Review, Launche Date, Price, Drive 2020

Kia Sonet Review, Launche Date, Price 2020... The Kia Sonet has created much buzz ahead of its market arrival. It is undoubtedly one of 2020's hottest launches. And yes it is driving in to what is a crowded segment with 5 strong players. But Kia has the 'power to surprise', doesn't it? Siddharth has driven the segment-first diesel automatic, and the new turbo petrol IMT variants. The diesel auto is a top-spec GT-line offering - the GTX+, while the GDI with me is the Tech-line in the highest HTX+ variant. The Kia Sonet gets IMT, DCT, auto and regular manual gearbox options. It has two-tone or monotone paint jobs. Two trim lines and of course two petrol and one diesel engine to choose from. Throw in all the tech and gadgetry as well and that is quite the fully loaded car isn't it? You have to tell us what you think of it, unless you go crazy trying to figure out which of the many variants work for you! We expect Kia to be competitive and that they will start at just under Rs. 7 lakh and top off at Rs. 12 lakh ex-showroom. The Kia Sonet launches on September 18, 2020. .

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