14 Effective Ways To Maximize Your Workouts

14 Effective Ways To Maximize Your Workouts ... 1. Map out your workout: The easiest way you can be inefficient in your workouts is by not having a game plan before you show up at the gym. When you wander around thinking about what to do next, you waste time and reduce the quality of your workout overall. 2. Practice Proper form: It’s more efficient to do two reps properly than twenty incorrectly, so proper form is everything. For example, if you are using the rowing machine but not making the effort to complete the movement and fully extend your legs, torso and arms, then you aren’t burning nearly as many calories as you could be. 3. Start your workout with some dynamic stretches: Dynamic stretches are a core component of pretty much any warm-up. With dynamic stretching, you’ll be moving through different stretches, rather than holding the stretch in place. This gradually raises your body temperature and heart rate. It also starts to warm up your muscles, priming your body for activity. A dynamic warm-up also helps improve your range of motion. So, you can get deeper into each exercise and reap the full strengthening benefits of each move. The exact stretches you should perform in your warm-up depend on the type of workout you'll be doing. 4. Prioritize: Determine your goal and train for it. While this sounds straightforward, many people’s workout routines don’t support their fitness goals. Just because you feel the burn doesn’t mean a particular exercise is right for you. If your workouts aren’t tailored to support your goal, they’re unhelpful at best and counterproductive at worst. .

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