13 Incredible Oils To Fight Wrinkles And Give You Younger Looking Skin

13 Incredible Oils To Fight Wrinkles And Give You Younger Looking Skin ... 1. Argan Oil: The omega fatty acids in argan oil help to strengthen tissues in your skin which can help in wrinkle prevention. A study found that women who applied argan oil to their skin and consumed it improved their skin’s ability to retain water. When your skin retains water, it reduces signs of aging. Researchers further determined that it wasn’t just skin-deep, but actual deep cell-level change. 2. Rosehip Seed Oil: This oil may sound a little weird but it can work wonders for treating wrinkles and premature aging. It has a high content of essential fatty acids that are perfect for a dehydrated skin, especially to moisturize and plump up the thin skin around your eyes. Rosehip Seed Oil can get easily absorbed by your skin which is a bonus. It’s very beneficial for mature and acne-prone skin. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, with a lot of antioxidants that help fight wrinkle-causing free radicals and even out pigmentation. To fight wrinkles, apply the oil in the morning and night. At night, allow it to absorb and apply a second time to tackle stubborn, deep wrinkles. 3. Pomegranate Oil: Pomegranate oil stimulates skin cell production and defends against free radicals, helping to decrease the effects of aging. It also contains healthy pro-estrogens to smooth your skin’s surface, and antioxidants to stimulate collagen production, firming and plumping the skin. 4. Rose oil: Rose oil is packed with vitamins and antioxidants to thoroughly replenish aging skin. The antioxidants stimulate collagen production in your skin, and can also inhibit the effects of free radicals. For these reasons, rose oil can give your skin a youthful appearance in the short term, and help to prevent the formation of deep wrinkles and fine lines in the future..

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