Girls Fitness - 12 Proven Techniques That Will Make You Love Exercise

12 Proven Techniques That Will Make You Love Exercise ... 1. Make Exercising a priority: The problem is that the gym is not usually a top priority. This is one of the first things you have to change if you want exercising to become a habit. Don’t make any plans during your gym hour and try to go to the gym around the same time everyday. Make sure to stick to your gym time and the rest can wait. 2. Build Your Willpower: Willpower is for those moments where you must power through to do what must be done. But willpower is finite and, once exhausted, needs to rest—just like any other muscle in your body. For many of you, your entire day is one long willpower endurance event. 3. Find Meaning: One of the most important steps in revolutionizing your exercise routine is to determine what working out actually means to you. You assign meaning to things based on your beliefs and past experiences. So there’s a wealth of reasons why you may harbor negative feelings toward exercise. Even just thinking of a workout as one more thing to cross off a crazy long to do list can fill you with a sense of dread. Instead, look for positive motivation like how awesome exercising makes you feel in the short-term to create an insatiable workout craving. 4. Find A Workout Buddy: Working out with a partner, especially one who is at a higher fitness level than you are, is a great way to push yourself each session and stay accountable for your goals. To make exercise more fun, try working out with a group or partner as it will help you pass the time easily when it's a more social commitment. It also helps to give yourself a goal. You'll stay motivated and feel accomplished as you get closer to reaching it..

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