How To Know If He Misses You Based On His Zodiac Sign

How To Know If He Misses You Based On His Zodiac Sign ... 1. Aries Are you in a romantic situation with an aries man and maybe he has disappeared for a while? Do you want to reach out and not look desperate for attention? Whatever the situation is we’ve got your back! 2. Taurus Taurus men make great partners but they can get a little too self-involved and self-indulgent at times which is kind of an ego boost for them. This means that they do and say things that will make you miss them more. 3. Gemini Making a Gemini man miss you is tricky business. He loves his freedom but that doesn’t mean that he won’t think of you every now and then. He may also not perceive things the way he is expected to. However, there is always a way. 4. Cancer Cancer men are known for being emotional. They need loads of 2 things from a relationship, tons of attention and equally tons of space. This may seem a bit extreme and due to their non confrontational behavior you may not be able to tell..

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