This Happens To Your Body When You’ve Quit Sugar For 1 Month

This Happens To Your Body When You’ve Quit Sugar For 1 Month ... 1. Change In Mood Quitting sugar for a specific amount of time will have you feeling different. If you’re hooked on sugary foods and your body is now going without, your mood will change dramatically. For better or worse. 2. You Sleep Soundly Quitting sugar will improve your quality of sleep. It seems like a lot of us need this. While it’s recommended that you get between 7-9 hours of sleep each night, people aren’t getting that. In fact, studies show that 1 of 3 U.S. adults are getting less than 7 hours of snooze time. 3. Weight Loss This is one you were probably waiting for. It seems like most people go on diets with the goal of losing weight. Well the good news is that you can lose weight cutting sugar. But there are other things that go into it. 4. Your Skin Looks Much Nicer It’s no secret that too much sugar can cause severe acne. Even after your teen years, you can still catch it sneaking up on you. But hey, if you feel embarrassed for being the only person in your group to break out, just know that acne affects 10% of your world's population. .

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